Natural Rapport Tear Stain Remover for Cats & Dogs-Pet Tear Stain Remover for Pet Eye Care (Liquid Formula) Eye-Tear Remover


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For any dog or cat owner, tear stains on your pet can be an unpleasant part of your pet's life. Tear stains occur when an animal's eyes produce excessive tears, either due to allergies, infection, or some other form of irritation. Fortunately, Natural Rapport Eye-Tear Remover is a perfect solution to this unsavory part of your furry friend's hygiene regimen. Our formula is great for dogs and cats of any age and is ideal for small breeds, as it won't overpower or irritate your pet's mouth, eyes, ears, or nose. In fact, the Natural Rapport Eye-Tear Remover is fragrance free and does not produce harmful fumes. This gentle formula relies on natural, plant-based ingredients to remove tear stains from your dog or cat's fur, so there's no formaldehyde or bleach whatsoever. Not only does it remove tear stains without the aid of these harsh chemicals or rough rubbing but it also works to prevent tear stains in the future. Simply wet a clean towel or cotton ball with the Natural Rapport Eye-Tear Remover and gently wipe the area around your pet's eyes to remove and reduce the appearance of tear stains as well as unsightly mucus buildup. The Natural Rapport Eye-Tear Remover formula is made from naturally-derived ingredients, is sourced entirely in the United States, and comes with its quality guaranteed. This Natural Rapport formula does not provide relief for allergies or infections and should not be used to treat them. Rather, it helps to reduce the appearance of tear stains resulting from allergies or infection.


  • NATURALLY DERIVED, SAFE INGREDIENTS We use plant-based ingredients in our formula. NO bleach formaldehyde or harsh chemicals. Excellent stain treatment for pets with allergies and other sensitivities. Won't irritate eyes or nose of sensitive pets
  • HIGH QUALITY TEAR STAIN REMOVAL AND PREVENTION Use regularly to reduce or eliminate stains and prevent future build up and new eye tear stains from recurring. For dogs and cats with staining around their eyes nose mouth Poodles Schnauzers Shih Tzus
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Our easy to use applicator makes cleaning eye stains easy! Simply apply to a cotton ball or clean towel, and wipe away from the eyes. The gentle formula will not irritate the eyes. Even your puppy or kitten will be happy!
  • MADE IN THE USA We care about where our products come from We manufacture our products right here in the USA with the highest quality natural-based ingredients for your pets. Ingredients in the formula are biodegradable and the bottle can be recycled
  • GREAT FOR Bichons Chihuahuas Lhasa Apso Maltese Pekingese Poodles Schnauzers Shih Tzus Yorkies Terriers Persians and Himilayans


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