Mindful Pets Dog Tear Stain Remover, 8oz

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Mindful Pets Tear Stain Remover effectively removes tear stains, saliva, and mucus build up. The gentle and non-irritating formulation prevents future stains from occurring, leaving a long lasting fresh coat for your dog and cat. Mindful Pets is the leading pet brand in the marketplace with premium products tested and proven to work. Buy our Tear Stain Remover today risk free. Add it Cart now!


  • Many Shih Tsu's, Poodles, Maltese, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Bichon Frises, Boxers, and other white dogs have cases of tear stains ✪ Our solution effectively helps to remove them, and remove the crust and mucus around your dogs eyes.
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS FOR ALL DOGS ✪ The perfect blend of natural elements and essential oils makes the application gentle and non-irritating for your pet. It's the favorite blend from local groomers and veterinarians! No harsh chemicals, antibiotics, bleach, or parabens included!
  • LEAVES A LONG LASTING CLEAN COAT ✪ Prevent stains from happening in the first place! Regain the beautiful white stain free coat after applying the formulation for a long time! Each application will last a long time, and so will the bottle!
  • EASY AND GENTLE APPLICATION ✪ Your dog / cat will accept the application of the tear stain solution because of the applicator making it easy to aim around stained areas. No more liquid reaching your pet's eye and no more spilling the solution!
  • THE MINDFUL PETS COMPANY GUARANTEE ✪ Customer service is our small companies top priority. Purchase your tear stain remover today risk free. If you and/or your dog are not completely satisfied, you may return for full refund. Give your pet mindfulness now and Add to Cart!


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