Jumbo Pig Ears for Dogs Made In USA | Natural & 100% Whole Chews | Premium Bulk Pork Treats | Supports Dog Dental Health | Free Of Artificial Ingredients, Colors, Flavors | Thick Cut Ears | Prime Gnaw


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Our pig ears for dogs aren't just artificial chews with a funny slang name, they're actual pig's ears from real pigs, making each a treat your dog can digest. You won't find any unusual ingredients that sound like the names of Star Wars characters in any of our pig ear products, just the tastiest, all-natural pork on the market today. Buy the gift that keeps tails wagging. Treat your pup to a pig's ear today!

It can be pretty overwhelming to shop for dog chews and other dog treats. Your eyes start to glaze over as dozens of different kinds of brightly colored, stiff-looking dog chews stare back at you. They look made of plastic and less like they're edible, which makes picking out that perfect dog chews a task.

Fortunately, our pig ears are the real deal, made without any artificial additives or flavors. We take the time to carefully slow roast each pig ear in its juices, making these yummy options that provide hours of chewing time to your beloved furball.


  • MADE IN AMERICA: Pawstruck natural pig ears for dogs and puppies are MADE IN THE UNITED STATES to ensure a premium grade pork ear for the healthiest and safest possible dog chew. Our Midwest processing plant adheres to the strictest of quality assurance standards. Our facilities are audited, inspected, and approved by the FDA, USDA, and outside 3rd party inspectors.
  • NATURAL & HEALTHY: Pawstruck's naturally baked pig ear dog chews are slow roasted and full of flavor for your pup to gnaw on! This single-ingredient chew is made with NO artificial preservatives, ingredients, or chemicals. It's free from common allergens, like corn, grain, or soy. Our chews are cleaned and baked to lock in flavor. Treat your pup to a bag of real American pork chews today!
  • SINGLE INGREDIENT & DIGESTIBLE: Pawstruck large pig ears for dogs are a single ingredient, digestible, high-protein tasty treat! Our chews have NO artificial ingredients, NO hormones, and NO chemicals. These long-lasting chews are slowly roasted to enhance a great tasting, low odor pig chew. Pawstruck dog pig ears are a great alternative to rawhide, dog bones, or even cow ears. These treats are digestible unlike rawhide, so you can sleep easy knowing your pups tummy is happy and healthy!
  • DOGGIE DENTAL CARE: Dog dental care is essential! These natural pork ear dog dental treats encourage chewing which helps to remove harmful plaque and tartar leading to improvements in overall dental health. Our pig chews for dogs are great for optimal healthy gums, unlike artificial plastic dental bones. Let your dog chow down on these dental chews and watch his teeth sparkle!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: At Pawstruck, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. We stand behind our 30-day SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you aren't happy with your pack of pig ears, our customer care team is ready to help. With a huge selection of chews, like smoked bones like meaty and white-knuckle bones, pork mammoth marrow, and beef filled hooves-and a variety of other long-lasting chews like tendons, buffalo jerky, lungs, taffy, tracheas, strips, food, and supplements.


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