BobbyPet Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed – Collapsible Round Shape for Big cat

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It's a cat scratcher and lounger in one!
It is designed for owners looking to reclaim their homes from expensive furniture scratches, misplaced cat hair, and unattractive pet products..
Cats instinctually scratch to hone their claws, stretch their muscles and relieve stress;
scratching also releases a special scent from glands in their paws to "mark" their home turf.
Help direct that natural behavior away from your expensive furniture and toward this durable, adorable scratcher and sleep inside.
The collapsible design can save space.Easy to put in bag if you go travel and easy to store it at drawer if you don't need it .No one wants to pay for the hotel's furniture because cat scratching .

    * NOTE:

Not waterproof or fireproof.

Fold Dimension: 6.2 (L) x 5.1 (W) x 2.9(H) inch
(16 x 13 x 7.5 centimeter )
Product Diameter: 20 inch(50 centimeter)
Item Weight: 38.8 ounces(1100 gram)


  • CONVENIENCE & BIG ENOUGH CONVENIENCE--Folds up Quickly for Easy Portability. Wonderful for travel. BIG ENOUGH--The large surface area holds multiple/larger cats and provides generous scratching space.
  • LIGHT & STURDY: LIGHT--Made of 100% high density honeycomb paper ;STURY--Strong enough to hold weight up to 25lb
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Scratcher --Satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts while reducing the risk of cat scratching on your carpets and furniture. Lounge-- Bowl shape contours your cat's body,offers your cats a comfortable place to rest
  • BREATHABLE& EASY CLEAN Breathable--Air can flow right through the high density corrugated cardboard Easy to clean--with surfaces that don't cling to dirt and grime.
  • Environmental protection: Environmental -Made of recyclable corrugated cardboard


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